Panic Cat Back Cover Blurb (Work in Progress)

​Hello readers following my adventure!

I thought it was high time to share something specifically about my book, so yesterday I wrote a draft of a back cover blurb. This gives you a very small idea of what the book is about. Enjoy!

You never forget your first panic attack…
Within twenty four hours, Cat became the victim of attempted assault, had her first panic attack, lost her boyfriend, and ended up in the emergency room. 

Six years later, panic disorder has become a regular part of Cat’s life, kept mainly under wraps thanks to a strong support system headed up by her grandfather.  But when she receives traumatic news, Cat has a panic attack like never before: accompanied by a vision of a man being murdered by a shadowy figure that has haunted Cat’s nightmares for years. She soon finds out the man she saw in her vision was really murdered, exactly as she saw. 

Cat reluctantly keeps her plan of going on a graduate school trip to Israel a week after her sudden loss. But when she has another panic attack–and sees another murder–it becomes clear it will be no ordinary trip. 

With the help of a new friend,  Cat begins the journey of trying to help figure out who the shadow is: and finds power in herself she never thought possible. 

I am excited to share this blurb with you and give you a taste of the project I’ve been pouring my heart and soul into, and will continue to pour into throughout this year and beyond (and hopefully into future sequels, too!). 


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